About Us

Kedron Baptist Church, in Aiken, South Carolina, was founded in 1871 by a group of community members who originally met in their homes and used the creek running through the property for a baptismal. While we now have a beautiful sanctuary and do not need to have baptism services outside, we still maintain and adhere to the Baptist doctrines, with a firm standing in the Word of God.

Please take a minute and read our beliefs and about our history on this website.

Our current, and much beloved, Pastor, the Reverend Brad Willis, wrote this, a few years ago, about the goal and vision he has for this church:

"Some time ago, The Lord planted a vision in my heart for Kedron Baptist Church. This Vision is to focus on the "One Another" verses in the Bible and seek to become a "One Another" Church. I completely believe God desires ALL of us to "Love One Another"! This is the greatest of all the "One Another" commands in The Bible. We have a LONG way to go when it comes to putting this into practice! Loving "One Another" is a REQUIREMENT for The Church! It is a COMMAND of God! It is high time that we set ALL of our differences aside and urgently seek to surrender to The Holy Spirit and allow Him to change our hard hearts, remove our petty prejudices, and galvanize us together with the single purpose of bringing glory to God through Jesus Christ in ALL that we do! It is my heart cry that each of you will join me in the commitment and determination to truly begin to walk in the fullness of being a "One Another " Church!" [John 13:34-35] Pastor Brad, 7/14/18

We also have an active presence on Facebook, with our group and our Kedron Church page.

Join us for our Sunday morning and Sunday evening worship services online, as well as our Wednesday evening Bible study, are usually live streamed through our Facebook group.