Our History

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Kedron Baptist Church was founded in 1871, according to historical documents and archives at Furman University. Community members from Foxtown, South Carolina first began meeting in their homes until the five acres of land, on which the current church and graveyard are now located, were purchased in 1886. The church then met in a schoolhouse next to the property and members were baptised in the spring found on the property, which flowed into McTeer Creek. The first building erected for the church was a wooden building and built by William (Billy) Foley. Mr Foley, 1831-1920, is buried in the Kedron Baptist Church cemetary. That first church burned.

Kedron Baptist Church first appeared in the Edisto Baptist Association records in 1873 and, in 1897, the Edisto Baptist Association held a meeting, at which an election was held. The moderator and clerk were elected, as well as a treasurer (W. S. LeCroy) and two trustees of the Edisto Baptist Association (F. T. Rickenbaker and P. S. Quattlebaum).

Kedron Baptist Church remained at this site until 1929, when the pastor, Reverend J. B. Hydrick, Sr, had to resign due to illness. The former members would often meet at the property for dinners and the church would play in the spring. Kedron Church was removed from the rolls of the Edisto Baptist Association in 1926. The church was torn down and the building materials were given to the Rocky Springs Baptist Church.

5-19-61 Twin City News Kedron Church RebuildsIn 1957, Kedron Baptist Church found a new beginning, under the leadership of Reverend C. L. Taylor, of Gilbert, South Carolina. The Reverend’s first services were held under a brush arbor, as there was no building at that time, until an old school bus was donated and services were held in the school bus. Kedron Baptist Church was officially reorganized, under the theme of “Christ our Leader and Foundation.”

It was discovered, during this time, that the land title was in question and a company, considering it abandoned land, had cut down trees and harvested the wood. A letter from the attorneys retained by Kedron Baptist Church to the attorney representing Strom Thurmond, resulting in a response, including payment, from Strom Thurmond, and a restoration of the chain of title to Kedron Baptist Church.

A ground-breaking ceremony for the newly reorganized church was held on January 26, 1958. That building was used as the main sanctuary until 1990, when it was dedicated as the PreSchool Building and renamed in honor of George Doolittle.

In March, 1992, the church voted to borrow $50,000 to cover the cost of building a new Sanctuary, which was begun on April 6, 1992 and was completed mid-1992. That building still serves as the church Sanctuary today.

Most of the above information was taken from a history, compiled by the Historical Committee, comprised of Eulallia Baker, Deloris Seuterfeit, and Irene Still, Chairperson, in 1992. A scanned pdf of that document, titled History of Kedron Baptist Church 1871-1992, is available for download.